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I wanted to make a fretless guitar like Vigier of Ron Thal. With a metal fret board. I’m not there yet…

I found a crapy guitar in a thrift store, so I decided that it would be the test one.

  • Removing the first frets

Removing the first frets

  • Using a soldering iron to melt the glue

Soldering iron on frets

  • All the frets removed

Neck without frets Removed frets Close-up

  • Using a mock neck to test the glue approach

The glue is a bi-composant epoxy mixed with flour (that I did transport in a old curry container, so the glue was smelling the curry for some time).

Glue preparation Mock neck

  • First application of tape and glue

Tape and glue

  • Drying it

Drying glue

  • Before/After sanding

After sanding

  • End result after sanding

After sanding

  • Then I glued the plate, let it dry, and everything broke when I tried to cut it on the band saw

Broken Broken close-up Broken close-up two

  • So I made a quick and cheap support to sand it

Sanding Sanding close-up Sanding close-up two Sanding close-up three