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authors Adriano Rutz ORCID , Maria Sorokina , Jakub Galgonek , Daniel Mietchen , Egon Willighagen , Arnaud Gaudry , James G. Graham ORCID , Ralf Stephan , Roderic Page , Jiří Vondrášek , Christoph Steinbeck ORCID , Guido F. Pauli ORCID , Jean-Luc Wolfender ORCID , Jonathan Bisson ORCID , Pierre-Marie Allard ORCID
journal bioRxiv
subjects Wikidata Natural products Databases Chemoinformatics
Contemporary bioinformatic and chemoinformatic capabilities hold promise to reshape knowledge management, analysis and interpretation of data in natural products research. Currently, reliance on a disparate set of non-standardized, insular, and specialized databases presents a series of challenges to data access, either within the discipline or to integration and interoperability between related domains. The fundamental elements of exchange are referenced structure-organism pairs that establish relationships between distinct molecular structures and the living organisms from which they were identified.
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authors Adriano Rutz ORCID , Miwa Dounoue-Kubo , Simon Ollivier , Jonathan Bisson ORCID , Mohsen Bagheri , Tongchai Saesong , Samad Nejad Ebrahimi , Kornkanok Ingkaninan , Jean-Luc Wolfender ORCID , Pierre-Marie Allard ORCID
journal Frontiers in Plant Science (RoMEO status: Green)
subjects Pharmacognosy Taxonomy Mass spectrometry Annotation
Mass spectrometry (MS) offers unrivalled sensitivity for the metabolite profiling of complex biological matrices encountered in natural products (NP) research. The massive and complex sets of spectral data generated by such platforms require computational approaches for their interpretation. Within such approaches, computational metabolite annotation automatically links spectral data to candidate structures via a score, which is usually established between the acquired data and experimental or theoretical spectral databases (DB). This process leads to various candidate structures for each MS features.
categories publications science