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This website

As the web tends to not forget things you can find some (d)evolutions of it over time:

  • 2010: Custom PHP templating system
  • 2011: Orgmode HTML export. Hosted by Lautre.net, that was before I manage my own server.
  • 2012-2013: Orgmode o-blog this one didn’t archive really well, it didn’t look that bad… Or maybe it did.
  • 2014-2015: Still with o-blog
  • 2016: First version with hugo. With a good old cyberpunk look. I swear I wanted to even add some GIFs.
  • 2017: Minimalist version. In reaction to the bloated web, I removed most of what was not needed (backgrounds and stuff)
  • 2018: Beginning of the new design. Still in a minimalist vibe (the home page is ~100k), but with a nicer background.

Current design

It all started when loans showed me Hugo. Before that I was generating my website with different templating systems that I kept changing (see previous section).

It now uses SCSS to generate the CSS, it has JSON files that describe journals and authors. That way I don’t have to revisit all the pages to update ORCID numbers of authors or change the ROMEO status of a journal.

There is a portfolio section (which you are looking at right now) that use a slightly different design (made in a few lines of SCSS).