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A view of how things are routed in an ECP5 to blink a LED

In 2023, I made with a few people a class on Open Source based FPGA programming at the local hackerspace.

See the website with all the materials: FPGA @ PS1

And the presentation: Presenttation

There is a video of the class somewhere too.

This is the list of people involved:

The main team

Carl Karsten (boards-master/testing/writing/initiator)
Jonathan Bisson (bottle-washing/conception/testing/writing)
Peter Zieba (testing/writing)
Stephan Kulov (soldering/testing/writing)

Other thanks

The people behind OSS-CAD, LiteX and the hundreds of other tools we don’t see
Bonnie King (testing on Mac)
Andrew Wingate and Aylons Hazzud: Helped with the class in a lot of various ways including testing that everything worked
All the participants (10ish) that made it a fun moment