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CENAPT Navigator is a compilation of resources related to Natural Product Research and Pharmacognosy. It includes resources on molecular structures, biological activities, spectroscopic data, bibliography, genetics, diseases, pathways, metabolomics…

CENAPT Navigator

The CENAPT Navigator, was created as a way to survey the existing databases that could be useful for natural products chemists. It was created during my work with the Center for Natural Product Technologies (CENAPT) to offer this tool to the community, as part of our mission to identify and address the major challenges in Natural Product research, and to connect scientists with established and emerging technologies.


It is uses Linked Data technologies (ok just RDF) to describe how the Resources are connected with each other. These Resources are also characterized by Tags that indicates their purpose, features and characteristics. Using these notations and visual networking using Cytoscape.js, we are able to provide you with a way to navigate between all the resources present in this system by any entry point of your interest.

My role

I initiated and created this project as part of our survey of resources.

My work on that project encompassed:

  • Design
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Deployment

It uses

  • Javascript as a programming language.
  • Jquery, as a base JS library.
  • Semantic UI, as a really nice and easy to use web UI interface.
  • Cytoscape.js, as a surprisingly efficient library for displaying, navigating and processing graphs
  • RDFLib.js, to handle the RDF file.

Where it is now and what is its future

The system is still running. It will be revived once our data integration layer is finished. That way we do not have to do specific deployment for that one, it will just use a part of our global graph.

Mapping the data resources of Natural Product Research Connecting the resources for Natural Product Research