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You can find the current list of publications here: List of publications

or the: List of subjects

My ORCID profile may be more updated than this web site (maybe).

For educational and scholarly activity, you can request reprints: bjonnh-research ατ bjonnh.net (replace ατ by an @). Some may also be on Research Gate.

Some editors allow authors to share their papers on their personal websites (Royal Society of Chemistry), some don’t allow the use of publisher’s PDF (American Chemical Society and Elsevier). I am not able to share the final publisher PDFs and should make my own version of the PDFs. I’ll try to share the maximum I can.

Note that the Editor in Chief is also responsible of this situation, not just the Publisher (but you’ll note that there is still a publisher correlation here).

Also note that the agency that funded many of these works (NIH) allow/force us to put our papers on a public repository after 12 or 24 month. So you’ll be able to find some of them on PubMedCentral when indicated.