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authors David Ribnicky , Seon Beom Kim , Alexander Poulev , Yang Wang , Anik Boudreau , Ilya Raskin , Jonathan Bisson ORCID , G. Joseph Ray , Shao-Nong Chen ORCID , Allison Richard , Jacqueline M. Stephens , Guido F. Pauli ORCID
journal Journal of Natural Products (RoMEO status: White)
subjects Adipogenesis Artemisia Lipolysis
Two new diprenylated coumaric acid isomers (1a and 1b) and two known congeners, capillartemisin A (2) and B (3), were isolated from Artemisia scoparia as bioactive markers using bioactivity-guided HPLC fractionation. Their structures were determined by spectroscopic means, including 1D and 2D NMR methods and LC-MS, with their purity assessed by 1D 1H pure shift qNMR spectroscopic analysis. The bioactivity of compounds was evaluated by enhanced accumulation of lipids, as measured using Oil Red O staining, and by increased expression of several adipocyte marker genes, including adiponectin in 3T3-L1 adipocytes relative to untreated negative controls.
categories publications science