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authors Kathryn M. Nelson ORCID , Jonathan Bisson ORCID , Gurpreet Singh ORCID , James G. Graham ORCID , Shao-Nong Chen ORCID , J. Brent Friesen ORCID , Jayme L. Dahlin ORCID , Matthias Niemitz ORCID , Michael A. Walters ORCID , Guido F. Pauli ORCID
journal Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (RoMEO status: White)
subjects Pharmacognosy IMPS Artifacts Cannabis
This Perspective of the published essential medicinal chemistry of cannabidiol (CBD) provides evidence that the popularization of CBD-fortified or CBD-labeled health products and CBD-associated health claims lacks a rigorous scientific foundation. CBD’s reputation as a cure-all puts it in the same class as other “natural” panaceas, where valid ethnobotanicals are reduced to single, purportedly active ingredients. Such reductionist approaches oversimplify useful, chemically complex mixtures in an attempt to rationalize the commercial utility of natural compounds and exploit the “natural” label.
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authors Seon Beom Kim , Jonathan Bisson ORCID , J. Brent Friesen ORCID , Guido F. Pauli ORCID , Charlotte Simmler ORCID
journal Journal of Natural Products (RoMEO status: White)
subjects Pharmacognosy IMPS Artifacts CPC CCC
Chlorophylls are present in all extracts from the aerial parts of green plant materials. Chlorophylls may act as in vitro bioassay nuisance compounds, possibly preventing the reproducibility and accurate measurement of readouts due to their UV/vis absorbance, fluorescence properties, and tendency to precipitate in aqueous media. Despite the diversity of methods used traditionally to remove chlorophylls, details about their mode of operation, specificity, and reproducibility are scarce. Herein, we report a selective and efficient 45 min liquid–liquid/countercurrent chlorophyll cleanup method using Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) with a solvent system composed of hexanes–EtOAc–MeOH–water (5:5:5:5, v/v) in elution-extrusion mode.
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