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Authors: Rasika S. Phansalkar, Charlotte Simmler, Jonathan BissonORCID , Shao-Nong Shen, David C. Lankin, James B. McAlpine, Matthias Niemitz, Guido F. PauliORCID
Journal: Journal of Natural Products (RoMEO status: White)
Subjects: Pharmacognosy Phytochemistry NMR qNMR HiFSA
Chemical standardization, along with morphological and DNA analysis ensures the authenticity and advances the integrity evaluation of botanical preparations. Achievement of a more comprehensive, metabolomic standardization requires simultaneous quantitation of multiple marker compounds. Employing quantitative 1H NMR (qHNMR), this study determined the total isoflavone content (TIfCo; 34.5–36.5% w/w) via multimarker standardization and assessed the stability of a 10-year-old isoflavone-enriched red clover extract (RCE). Eleven markers (nine isoflavones, two flavonols) were targeted simultaneously, and outcomes were compared with LC-based standardization.
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