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Finally, I am trying to reorganize this website, add a portfolio and other kind of stuff that will help me remember the ton of stuff I wrote but never talked about. I’ll document in this article the different kind of things I tried. I am especially excited by the portfolio aspect (of which most will be private though).

The Updates

I’ll likely bump the date of that article with new edits and keep the last edits on the top of the page. Don’t know how some RSS readers will like that, will see.

2020-01-25: Adding a few pages for the portfolio

I currently have a few pages in the portofolio:

2020-01-18: Switching to SCSS, adding the portfolio taxonomy

The idea today was to cleanup that css. Using SCSS allowed me to not repeat the colors everywhere. That way I can also limit the palette and do changes across all the kind of things on the website.

2020-01-17: Cleaning up, design restructuring

Today is the day, I updated hugo, updating my theme so it display the right pages (now that everything is a page, or was that 2 years ago already?).


This is what the summary of articles and posts used to look like:

Previous style

This looks really bad, there is useless text. So the idea was to:

  • Remove the “Published On”
  • Move Tags and categories around in a more logical order
  • Make sure that the summary looks nice even when the picture is small or the wrong size

And now it looks like:

New style

I also corrected the way links are referenced, I now do absolute referencing instead of using the base URL.

There were quite a lot of problems with the science pages, and I realized that there were many things missing from them.