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Lotus search Lotus search is a tool to search for compounds and taxa in the Lotus database. What is LOTUS? The LOTUS database is a database of natural products, their associated producing organisms and the bibliographical references in which the discovery or identification was made. It is hosted on Wikidata as the main source of truth. It is the result of a pretty large collaboration within the LOTUS initiative. How was the search made?
techniques Dash Lotus Wikidata Python RDKit

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During my PhD, I was working with devices that help separating components of mixtures and devices to analyze these components. However, a lot of manual handling of samples was required between these different devices. So I decided to re-purpose an existing device to solve that. After a little bit of reverse-engineering and the development of a custom control software, problem was solved.

techniques Reverse-engineering Python Qt Serial Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Chromatography

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CENAPT Navigator is a compilation of resources related to Natural Product Research and Pharmacognosy. It includes resources on molecular structures, biological activities, spectroscopic data, bibliography, genetics, diseases, pathways, metabolomics…

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