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This is the hack related section of the website.

On using 3d printer screens and controllers for your own projects.

I bought some of those cheap 3d printer controllers on the big evil site for $12: BigTreeTech Mini 12864. There are other similar ones in the same price range from other brands, but I can’t guarantee they have the same pinouts and controllers. Also these came with a tiny yellow rubber duck, always useful when you try to make sense of schematics.

The LCD running displaying a menu

The thing is, these are made for 3d printers so they expect you to plug them directly and not worry about implementation details.

Fun thing is, for some printer models, you need to make an adapter cable as nobody seemed to have settled on a standard for those and pinouts are all over the place.

To save you from the hassle of figuring out how to use those with an Arduino or an ESP, and likely for me later when I will need that again, I decided to write down all I discovered about them.

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A circular slide-ruler
We had this conference in Chicago in 2016. As I was playing with the laser-cutter and making planetary motion devices see Here, I also was playing with the idea of circular slide rulers. As the calculation of elution volumes and retention in CCC and CPC are using multiplications and divisions it is possible to do these on a circular slide ruler (or a normal one) by using logarithmic scales (because additions in that space correspond to multiplications in linear scale).
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Someone toying with a laser-cut award
We had [this conference](https://gfp.people.uic.edu/ccc2016/) in Chicago in 2016. As I was playing with the laser-cutter and making planetary motion devices, Guido asked if it wouldn't be possible to make two awards for the conference. I also made a [Slide ruler](/article/20170530_cccslider) for that conference. A bit of design, metallic-gold acrylic, flexible metallic with black background acrylic for the tag, and a piece of wood made by a colleague (Jim).
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