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DINOctopus What is it DINOctopus is a small device made to merge/split/mix MIDI signals and act as a USB card as well. Current status I use it every day as my midi merger, and it has been working great so far. It requires some love on the software and hardware side, so that’s not production ready yet. Interface The settings can be seen and modified on the integrated display using the integrated rotary encoder:
techniques arduino rp2040 electronics midi

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During my PhD, I was working with devices that help separating components of mixtures and devices to analyze these components. However, a lot of manual handling of samples was required between these different devices. So I decided to re-purpose an existing device to solve that. After a little bit of reverse-engineering and the development of a custom control software, problem was solved.

techniques Reverse-engineering Python Qt Serial Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Chromatography